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I might actually get another finish in this year! The Raven is coming along nicely.

It's probably because it's already got a home that I am trying to finish the raven up as quickly as possible. :)

Stuff and Stuff

I had a great time in Montreal. I did manage to go to the Cross Stitch store that I wanted to, called La Cigale Brodeuse. It's found in a basement of an older looking building. Not much to look at from the outside. Inside it was one room, with most things found around the walls, with a sort of island in the middle that held fabric, beads and a few baskets of patterns. I wasn't sure if she took debit or not because I didn't see a cash register. I only had about 60 bucks on me. My friend said he had some cash on him and I could pay him back but I felt weird doing that. The owner only spoke french so I had my friend translate a few things for us. I asked if she took debit and she did, so I went a little nuts. :)

I bought this pattern and all the things to go with it. Fabric, beads, floss, and kreinik #4 braid
I also picked up 3 different fabrics
That purple one kept jumping out at me, so after picking it up 3 times I decided it was coming home with me. I also brought home tho…

Just putting this here

Someone asked to see a scissor collection so I'm posting this here. :)