Monday, 30 September 2013


I might actually get another finish in this year! The Raven is coming along nicely.

It's probably because it's already got a home that I am trying to finish the raven up as quickly as possible. :)

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Stuff and Stuff

I had a great time in Montreal. I did manage to go to the Cross Stitch store that I wanted to, called La Cigale Brodeuse. It's found in a basement of an older looking building. Not much to look at from the outside. Inside it was one room, with most things found around the walls, with a sort of island in the middle that held fabric, beads and a few baskets of patterns. I wasn't sure if she took debit or not because I didn't see a cash register. I only had about 60 bucks on me. My friend said he had some cash on him and I could pay him back but I felt weird doing that. The owner only spoke french so I had my friend translate a few things for us. I asked if she took debit and she did, so I went a little nuts. :)

I bought this pattern and all the things to go with it. Fabric, beads, floss, and kreinik #4 braid
I also picked up 3 different fabrics
That purple one kept jumping out at me, so after picking it up 3 times I decided it was coming home with me. I also brought home those cat scissors from my last post. I wanted something to remember my trip by. :)

I had a few days on my trip where I could stitch. Due to social anxiety I didn't leave the hotel by myself and my guy was working so I stayed in. I had my laptop and my stitching and food, so I was good.

My view from the hotel window. Mount Royal is in the distance. I was on the 12th floor.

I started La-D-Da's the Raven. I'm working it on 32 count Haunted Belfast linen, which is super hard on my eyes so it's slow going sometimes, and Gentle Arts Sampler threads Black Crow. I'm doing the whole thing in one colour thread because I like it. It does call for 3 different colours, but whatevs. :)

What I've done so far. I just took it off the hoop so I decided I'd get a picture in before it goes back on. Like I said, the 32 count is a bit much for me these days.

Figure I'll show a few pictures I got from the Redpath Museum. It was one of the places I HAD to go to, along with the Cross Stitch store, of course. I have an obsession with all things Egypt and it's always been a dream of mine to go to Egypt, but alas, they have much turmoil going on there now. So I read a lot of books and dream about seeing such wonders in person. Well I got to see some in person and let me tell you it was hard not to cry from happiness. I am weird, I know. Anyway here are a few of the pictures I took

Mummified cat, anyone? There's a hawk and an ibis there as well.
The view from the 3rd floor. Rawr.

I have a few more projects lined up. I bought Gardenia Spring Garden Pixie.  And of course, everything to go along with it. I also ordered all the DMC and fabric needed to do another Wind Waker pattern and the last Eeveelution, Sylveon. Finding the time to do everything while still spending time with my guy was proving to be a challenge so I solved it by buying him a capture card. Now he can stream games for me to watch (and stitch!). I am a very smart cookie. :)

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Hallo 2017!

I have a finish for this year! This project I only work on at work, when the client doesn't mind and I have the time. Usually during...