Monday, 25 April 2011

going to be picture heavy~!

I put together the Alex unit today, and I'm super happy with it.
First drawer I'm using for my current project, which I guess won't be too secret now. :P Oh well!
Second drawer is for other projects, and some stitching aids

Third is for my fabrics!

Fourth is for my pattern binder and other loose patterns
Fifth is for my threads and other fibers
and sixth is for my qsnaps!
and my little vintage table, which I am in love with :D
My cats have already nibbled on the drawer pulls which makes me want to KEEL them! Just kidding, while I am mad, I love them more than a table. I just wish they would keep their lips off my things.
and there it is, I'm all sorted and super excited about being so organized. :D

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Still here!

I haven't forgotten about my blog! I just don't really have anything to show right now, since one project is secret, and the other I still don't have the thread for. Hopefully I'll get it next week and will be able to finish Warrior.

Work has really picked up lately, too, so I've been slacking on the stitching. I hate when work gets in the way of my stitching time. :)

Hopefully soon I'll have a better update. :)

Friday, 15 April 2011


About 15~ skeins away from finishing the job, the little peg that holds the bobbin in the winder pops out over my head and behind the chair. I grumble and get up, move the chair, and find this

Thankfully it was an extra lol. I also didn't find the peg to my winder, so no idea where it flew off to. I'll have to wait til one of the cats finds it. I'm now finishing the winding by hand, which is not fun! But I'm almost done, so excited. :P

Thursday, 14 April 2011

My OCD is kicking in

I haven't done any stitching lately. I have, however, been winding and winding and winding. I'm being completely OCD about this. (and I wonder why I get RSI in my wrist.) anyway! When last I posted, I had almost one box done. Well this is that box.

So pretty. I kept on going, though, and now have box 2 almost filled up.
That's basically all I have from 200~900 done. The rest is now the 3000s. I have one box left to go, and I duno how many more to wind. I did the math and so far have wound 170. youch. I *think* I have 225 individual colours.

I've also been looking for storage for all my things that can sit beside my stitching chair, and I found this Alex caster unit from Ikea that I am going to go buy on the 23rd.
I think that will be perfect for all my Qsnaps and fabrics and threads (oh my!) and the rest of my stitching things. I really need something to sort everything out. I'm hyped up for that. Hopefully once I'm done winding all these things I can stop being so obsessive about it and go back to stitching. :D

That's all for now! :)

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Yeah, I'm crazy.

What a time consuming thing winding thread on to bobbins is! Watching Spartacus Blood and Sand while I do this. :) Right now I'm thankful that I don't have every colour! 52 down, about 150 more to go!

Friday, 8 April 2011


Stitching Bits and Bobs order came today! Totally wasn't expecting it since the last order took a month to get through customs. But it's here, and I am happy. This is the last of my birthday shipments!
2 Kelmscott needle minders, a Kelmscott thread keep, a Puffin Company magnetic thread keep, and 3 packs of my favourite JJ platinum needles size 26.

I also went to Michaels' today to check out what they did with their cross stitch section, since I heard from another community that they were phasing it out. Well I went to mine and yeah, all the kits were pretty much gone and replaced with scrapbooking crap (yes, crap!). They did still have their DMC floss and accessories like that. I bought 3 threadbox organizers, and lots of bobbins. I want to organize my threads better since right now they're basically in plastic baggies. Of course, I have over 200 to wind LOL. What am I getting myself into?

When I got to the cashier I asked her what was going on in the cross stitch section and she said that they were going to overhaul the whole thing. So there will still be stitching things, but as for kits and whatnot, I have no idea. They're not phasing out the whole thing, though, she said she asked them.

Oh, I'm also trying out a craft glove. I've been having a lot of problems with RSI in my right hand from all the stitching, so I bought a thergonomic (whatever that means) glove. We'll see how that goes.

That is all for now! :)

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

update on Warrior

I ran out of Threadworx Rocky Mountain AGAIN. The pattern called for 10 yards. Each skein is apparently 5 yards, and I need one more. I must be doing it wrong. :P That particular thread is on backorder with 123 Stitch. She emailed saying it would be shipped sometime around April 11th ~ and then add on how long it actually takes to get here (2~3 weeks), I won't be working on him any time soon. I took him off his Qsnap frame and will continue to work on the super secret project.

Anyway, here is how far 2 skeins went:

Just the tail left! Then when I am done he's being shipped off to Hawaii. Aloha!

Friday, 1 April 2011

Plugging along.

I had a cancellation at work today so I got extra time to stitch. Warrior really does stitch up fast, even with the one stitch at a time method. I didn't take a very good picture, but here is today's progress:

I got a lot done! After work tonight I'll probably toss on a tv series or movie and continue. :)

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