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March Goals!

I had goals! did I do them? we'll see.

Start and Finish Eevee uhh. yeah about that. Eevee ... just didn't get stitched. I don't know what is with it, but I can't bear to do it lol. Going to give it a rest and see how I feel later about it.

Finish Pinkie Pie ALL DONE! and mailed. He got it two days ago and LOVES IT! that makes me so happy. :)

Work on Follow Me I did do some, but not as much as I'd have liked.

Finish my take-along project that I work on on Saturdays which is a Dinky Dyes pattern that came with a thread pack I bought. I worked on it over 2 weekends before switching it out and putting Letter S in. I found it sort of boring! I put it in a drawer for now and might pick it up later. For now, Letter S is in!

Mail everything that needs to be mailed after the 23rd but before April 1st, which includes Paladin, all the Pokemon, Pinkie Pie, and all the threads for Sunflower Fairy which I am sending off to a stitching pal of mine.I ended up mailing Paladin and P…

March can just stop marching tyvm!

Where IS this month going? WHERE? My goals went all wacky but I did do some of them. I switched out that dinky dies piece I was working on at my Saturday client and put in Nora's Letter S. So far it's coming along nicely :) I picked up Follow Me last night and worked on that a bit while I watched Planet Life. I did manage to mail 2/4 packages. I went and forgot two of them at home. They are going to have to wait for a bit as I'm short of money right now.

Wanna know why? :D I ordered a treadmill. I *really* want to be more active, but I also have high levels of social/anxiety so going out for something simple like a walk is really unbearable for me. Some times it takes all my will just to go to work.

I did a lot of research and ended up getting NordicTrack C1750. You'll notice the tablet on it. I am *that* geeky that I wanted it to be able to use google maps/ access the internets. This is supposed to recreate places I want to walk - bumps, hills, and all - and use stree…

Ever had a project...

That you just can't stand to work on? Eevee has turned into that project for me. I started it, frogged it, started again and just can't get into it. It has lead me into a shame spiral since it's for a friend and I know how excited he is about getting them. I told him about it and he said to relax, I'm doing this for fun and he doesn't care when he gets it.

BUT STILL. I feel pressure! It's not even that big and won't take that long to do. Agggrhhh.

So I got Twisted Stitches from Amazon on Monday! There are some very off the wall projects in there and a few that I'm interested in doing. Ones that stand out are Lizzie Borden
Would make the perfect gift for my parents. hahaha. Yes I am really that morbid. I doubt I could do my job if I didn't have such a sense of humor about it. :)

and this: on the one side is a happy go lucky bunny, on the other?
My job requires me to drive, a lot. With the increased driving comes the increased chance of hitting someth…

Checkin in

Mid-March checking in! I am finally done Pinkie Pie. I AM FINALLY DONE PINKIE PIE.


Leaves me 7 days to get Eevee finished! So I'm still within my time limit/goals I've given myself! I have 3 more Saturdays to finish that Dinky Dye piece, too. That is 12 more hours! I think I can get it done in that, mostly because I'm not doing the border. :)

I am really enjoying Planet Earth and if you haven't seen it, I suggest you do! I got the Mr Attenborough version. It makes me sort of sad that so much of our planet won't be seen/enjoyed as it is right now. Won't be long til we've destroyed most of it's wonders. 

Tonight I have 3 hours of work spread over 4, and tomorrow I am sort of excited about. The family I'm working with get 4 hours of respite each Saturday and I work from 6-10pm. That doesn't really give them much flexibility so I told them I could change my hours to whatever suits them. This Saturday I work from 12-4 and have the rest of t…

Who said March could go by so fast?

I think I need to just not give myself goals. I'm a terrible procrastinator, so what ends up happening is I leave all my stitching until you know, the last DAY hahaHAHA. Ugh.

This week has been a bust, so to speak. Work is swamping me and I like it. They've even started double booking me which I can't really do. :) Be nice if I could be at two clients at once, but unless they're a husband and wife, it's just not going to happen!

My Barfday is next week, and I'm not exactly looking forward to being another year older. I ~AM~ looking forward to the things I ordered from Amazon. They had a sale on Planet Earth/Life (I got the ones narrated by David Attenborough because he is THE MAN.) A case for my DS/3DS games, and a book by Margaret George: Mary, called Magdalene.

My stuff from Stitching Bits and Bobs that I ordered Feb 27th is STILL out of stock. I've already ranted about that so I won't do it again! She has such great sale prices. I'm just not sure…