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Stitchy day Tuesday!

I got a bunch of stitching done today! woohoo. Blossom Collector now has her other arm, face, and her hair done! I'm hoping once the back stitching goes in she won't look so washed out.

I found a home for a bunch of my Stash this past week. All my Qsnaps, some fabric, scissors, hand dyed threads and even a silk thread and other odds and ends were gifted to a fellow stitcher on Reddit. I was so happy to find someone who wanted to take that off my hands, rather than the thrift store! I know I could have posted on something like Stash Unload, but I can't be bothered with all that nonsense! She was very appreciative!

I can't believe the year is coming to an end so fast. Where did it all go?! If anyone has any ideas where it went, I'm all eyes.

Pretty soon my no stash for a year begins! I'm kind of nervous haha. I just have to stay off the sites that sell it. :P

The last of my stash

I've spent a lot of money over the years on entertainment. Like most of you, I have more stash than I can possibly handle. I also spend too much money on video games, movies/TV, Audible books, and tea.

I'm overwhelmed with *stuff*. So much *stuff* that when I have a few moments to myself, I don't know what to do with myself so I end up laying in bed with the pets and watching conspiracy shows n Netflix. When I go to make tea, I have at least 40 kinds to choose from, and it takes forever to pick one. It's time to work and drink through what I have!

So I'm having a moratorium on buying Stash, video games, tea, audio books, movie/tv shows on dvd for 2017! This is also including things from Etsy!!!!! Money is going to be spent on just the basics of living.

With that said, I received the last of my stash for the year. I actually ordered this sometime in November but had to wait for out of stock fibers, so when I ordered this I wasn't thinking I'd stop buying *s…

Some stitching and a baby Emma

Ahoy mateys, I come with an update of Blossom Collector. I've been kinda slow as fook with her because I'm also trying to get a mill hill ornament done too, and if you've ever done one, you know they're fiddly and beady.

I can't post the ornament but I can post Blossom!

She's getting there. Working on her hair at the moment. Once I get that done I'll finish her arm and get cracking on that face. hoping I haven't miscounted anywhere. :D

I bought myself a Christmas present this year, a CD player! HAH. I still have CDs, and like CDs, and didn't have one.

It got delivered today and I love it. The pets and I found a classical station to listen to, so we all feel more dignified than we really are.

Speaking of the pets, I found Emma's baby picture! She was about 5 weeks old is this picture.

That picture shows so much about her. The breeder let me take her home at 7 weeks (when she would normally wait until almost 12) because she wanted nothing to do wi…