Saturday, 19 October 2013

WIP and Stash time!

Ok I have some new stash and some WIP pics today!

First up is a Wind Waker pattern I found on Sprite Stitch. Here is a small picture of it if you don't want to bother clicking on link.

and here is my progress so far.
As you can see I am working on the sail! It's on 16 count AIDA fabric in Stellar. It's super soft and I fell in love with it when I got it so I had to buy myself a piece for a project I've been waffling on buying for ages.
I love these fishes but I am *not* going to stitch all that blue. Ever. So this fabric is perfect! I ordered the fabric and pattern and the floss (minus any blue colours) and can't wait for it. :)

My take-along project is Mirabilia's Red Kitten, as seen here in a bad picture.
and my progress.
Doing it on all the recommended fabrics and colours. I work on it when I have gaps between clients.

I also bought Gardenia Fairy
with everything to make her. She's so pretty ^_^

ANNND. Azure Mermaid. I really like all the mermaids, but not the size of them. Well, miss Nora came out with Azure and she's super pretty.
I ordered everything to go with it.

I do have a bit of a beef with ABCStitch Therapy. It was my first time ordering from them when I ordered Azure Mermaid and while everything got to me (sans fabric which they said they'd send when they had some) it didn't come with a do not bend sticker or piece of cardboard, so my mailperson bent it up and shoved it in the box. My mailperson should know better too, but whatever. The damage wasn't too horrible to the pattern.

The fall weather has me all wanting to bunker down with tea and my stitching. :) I am enjoying getting back into it. Though I should probably NOT buy any more stash LOL. We all know how that goes. I seriously can't fit any more projects in my Alex unit.

Anyway that is all for today, I really must get stitching :)

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Quoth the raven, “Nevermore.”

32 Ct. Haunted Belfast Linen, Sampler Threads Black Crow. Nice to finally get another finish in. :) Now I don't know what's next but I'll be sure to post pictures of my incoming stash purchases. :) I've been bad!

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