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Is on it's way! I ordereddddddddddd...

Qty: 1  28 Ct. Ivory Jobelan (18x27)
Qty: 1  28 Ct. Star Sapphire Jobelan (18x27)
Qty: 1  28 Ct. Sage/Summer Khaki Jobelan (18x27)
Qty: 1  28 Ct. Queen Anne's Lace Jobelan (18x27)

Qty: 1  Sulky Blendables 12 Wt 4117 Fall Holidays

Qty: 2  Piecemakers Tapestry Needles Size 26
Qty: 1  Piecemakers Beading Needles Size 10/13

Qty: 1  Midnight Manor (One Color Wonders) - Cross Stitch Pattern
Qty: 1  Cozy Cub (Tiger) - Cross Stitch Kit

Qty: 1  Elegant Geisha - Cross Stitch Kit
Qty: 1  Koi Pond - Needlepoint Kit

Awww yeah. Fabric is always nice to have on hand, and I need to order some more later for a couple of the Nora Corbett fairies I'd like to do. (Of course I also have to buy the patterns and all the materials for them as well haha!)

Some of the ladies on the 123Stitch message boards have been raving about Sulky Blendables, so I bought a halloween looking one and that Midnight Manor pattern to try it out. If it looks nice, I have a bunc…