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Yay something small

To hopefully get the ball rolling on stitching this year. I spent all day working on this! :D And watching The Tudors.

So anyway, here is my first small finish for 2013! Glaceon!

I am almost done all the Eeveelutions, with only Leafeon to go. :) I don't think I'll start it right away, rather I'll start on Follow Me 2 since I have all the threads for it now.

Anyway that is all.

Ahoy.. again

I can't believe it's February! Month and a half and I'll be 35, whoosh the time is flying by.

I am still not stitching very much. My friends have me gaming (I was just gifted with Guild Wars 2) and after work when I watch Tim play his games, I'm beat from work and just feel like laying in bed.

I did try stitching last night, and of course my arm still isn't better so it was being all achy and I still have no feeling in my index finger so the needle goes all over the place and is dropped more than I'm holding it! WOE IS ME, PEOPLE.

This hasn't stopped me from buying even more stash, mind you. My second order was all the DMC Thread needed for Follow Me 2, and then these things:

All Hallows Mini - Cross Stitch Pattern, Waxing Moon designs
Black Cats Halloween (One Color Wonders), Waxing Moon designs
Halloween Alphabet - Cross Stitch Pattern, Raise the Roof
Weeks Dye Works - Okefenokee
Weeks Dye Works - Pumpkin
Tiger Profile - Needlepoint Kit
Pilot - Cross Sti…