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Needle Needs

So back in July, I decided to order a Millennium Frame from Needle Needs. They're a small company based in England that hand make scroll frames for needlework. I watched the videos and checked out what other people though about them by doing internet searches and what some people were saying on the message board I frequent.

These are expensive. It cost me 140ish dollars to have them made and shipped to me. The website claims: Although we normally endevour to deliver orders within 28 days, due to an unprecedented demand for our products and their bespoke, handmade nature, it can on occasion take a little longer for deliveries. We are ever evolving the nature of our manufacturing processes however and our ultimate aim is to deliver within 28 days.

Close to 3 months later I had not received my frame nor have I gotten any updates from them about my order, so I emailed them asking what was up.

3 weeks after that, I had gotten no reply and at this point I was getting a little miffe…