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who can think of titles all the damn time?!

I stitched! How wonderful is that.

Since my last barely visable picture, I have finished miss Gardenia's dress, the lower portion anyway, and have started on her arms!

All the empty spots are where the beads are going to go. That dress was kind of sort of tedious to work on. Especially that last colour in the middle, the off white or whatever it's supposed to be. I am trying to get this one knocked out soon becaaaauuse I may or may not have ordered Nora Corbett's Black Forest Pixie Blossom Collector. I couldn't resist.. she's pink. very PINK. Hopefully I have a fabric that'll be nice with her. I'll do a floss toss or two. I might even have a PtP fabric that'll work. We'll see!

In other news, my bed is better dressed than I am these days!

And there is a reason for that! I finally started taking my health way super srs and have lost 35 pounds! I have a lot more to go, but that's a great accomplishment. I don't want to buy new clothes so mine …