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It's one of those kind of days

After lunch, I might pick up the needle and thread. A project I started is calling my name to be finished as it applies so much to my life right now. :)

No stitching and my cat needs anti anxiety meds.

I have lost my stitching bug. The table incentive didn't work, and I can't seem to find time to do my craft, and that's okay. It's okay.

I keep telling myself that.

I ended up purchasing a PS4 and a myriad of games, and I like it, when I have a chance to play it. Working full time sucks and I have like 30 more years of it. FML. :)

My cat Weezi did not take well to the move. During the house selling part, he developed what we thought were crystals in his urine, which is pretty scary because it can kill him. Anyway, he was put on some special diet that he hated and lost like 6 or 7 pounds, so I took my cat who was 18~ pounds and now down to 12 to the vet and said he was losing weight and hated the food. They looked at me like I was an idiot, but I mean, he was a HEALTHY 18 pounds, because he's super long and it was never "fat" on him lol. 12 you could feel his bones and he wasn't as cuddly. Anyway, after some blood work and urinalysis (no crystals) and …