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Hallo 2017!

I have a finish for this year!

This project I only work on at work, when the client doesn't mind and I have the time. Usually during respites! I changed the kit's gold thread with #4 Krenik because the gold thread in the kit was like trying to stitch with slippery hair. NO THANK YOU.

I kitted up a Jardin Prive
I'm not doing it on a white fabric, which has me wondering if I'm making the right choice..never mind, I got scared and found a piece of 32 count white jobelan! was thinking the gray cage might not show up as well on the fabric I did pick. :) Anyway that's my new work project.

I have nothing new to show on Blossom Collector, but never fear, I will find time somewhere to work on her. she has so few stitches to go, a bit of backstitching.. and then all the beads.

That is all, my friends!