Tuesday, 7 June 2011

My Mom is all kinds of amazing.

Last night she mentioned something about going to the States today to pick up milk and cheese. I mentioned that if she goes any further, to go to Joanns craft store and look for The Ultimate Joan Elliot Cross Stitch Collection. She said there was a Joanns there, but didn't think she'd be going. Fast forward to this morning, she calls home quite early, but I was sleeping in (Day off, you know!) so I missed the calls. Lets not tell her that I don't have the ringer even on with my phone. :D

She got home around 4pm and asked me what the book was that I was looking for, and I said Joan Elliot and she said "it was 20 dollars?" and I said yes. After some fumbling through her bags, she pulls out what I was looking for! Funny thing is that she only remembered the "jo" part of what I said!

That's pretty amazing for someone who doesn't know anything about designers, to go into a craft store and not know what she's really looking for, to come out with exactly what I wanted. She. Is. Amazing. and I love her very much!

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