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Oh look at me, resting on my laurels after last week's stitch-o-mania with not one, but two finishes! And I haven't touched a thing since. Ok so World Of Warcraft might have my attention with the new 4.3 patch that came out on Tuesday. Oh how sometimes I hate having 2 hobbies that love to conflict with each other!

And of course, Nintendo is finally releasing their 3DS in PINK so I'll be saving up my pennies to get that. I refused to buy it til it came out in pink, and now it is. Ocarina of Time and new Mario Kart, here I come!

While I was out with my Mom the other day, I came across this mug.

I had to have it. I didn't even care that it was 12.99 - a most horrible price for a mug. There was only one, and my Mom was saying something about "it's almost Christmas... " but I wasn't listening. It took all of my willpower not to do a horrible rendition of Xena's battle-cry in the store as I rushed towards this most marvelous mug. I hope nobody was watch…

Shopping !

I asked my Brother for Gingher scissors for Christmas. Michaels have their regular chrome plated embroidery ones with the tin for 29.99. Since he is clueless, I took a 50% off coupon there today to buy them for him to give me LOL.

When I got to the register, they came up at a clearance price of 13.99. I asked her if the stork ones would be on sale too? She said she didn't know so I ran back to get them. They came up regular price BUT I still had the 50% coupon hahah.

I gave him the sale ones to give me later, and I now have a pretty pair of Gingher Storks to add to my collection! :D

Sunflower Finish!

And She is done :) Started around May 30th, Finished November 23rd. Used all materials it called for.

Another off the 2011 Bucket list. I almost feel accomplished. :D

Wine a Bit Finish

And it is done! I have a couple people who love their wine and thought of them when I was making this pattern haha. I don't know who I'll send it to. :)
I also spent a good part of the day with Sunflower Fairy, who is coming along very nicely. I even did some of the beading. I'm still undecided about the beading around the skirt bottom as I sort of like it the way it is. We shall see. :) It'll be nice to get her done as she has been a WIP since May 30th!

I'll be focusing on her now until she is finished, and then it's on to Paladin.

I'm also excited about next year as I just may have my first SAL! It will be the Britty Kitty Christmas Stocking, so if anyone else has that pattern in their stash, Evalina and I will be doing it next year. Put in your material orders now! :D

That is it for now, Happy Stitching everyone :)

Yay for Stitching!

I've been puttering around all day and have actually gotten some stitching done! I also went through my stash and kitted up next year's projects. While I'm not joining in on the Crazy January Challenge, I do have a list. What's funny is that I'm only 5 projects off the challenge. When I first made this list, there was only 7, but it has ballooned to 10! My list is in no particular order.

Messenger by Fire Wing Designs
Summer Splendor by LHN
2011 Santa by Prairie Schooler
Letter S by Letters by Nora Corbette
Follow Me by Primitive Needle   
Christmas Kitty Moon by Stitchy Kitty
Britty Kitty Christmas Stocking by Brittercup Designs
Britty Kitties I & II by Brittercup Designs
Cat Lessons for People by Lizzie*Kate
Buzzzz by Bent Creek

This may even be 2 year projects lol. I am paying off my Student Loan next year, so no stash/no finishing (oh I'm itching at the credit card already hahaha)

So here is my photo updates. First up is Wine A Bit by Lizzie*Kate. I'm hop…

The gal who put the boob back in the boobtube!

I love technology. I embrace it. I love having a million gadgets for everything you can think of! I also buy my Dad gadgets because he love them as much as I do. I even have an e-Reader for books, in pink of course!

And as much as I love my pink e-Reader, nothing beats that new book smell. Or even that old book smell. One day all our reading materials will be electronic. From novels to newspapers to magazines, if you want to read, you'll be doing it on an e-reader, a tablet, your phone, or your computer. Until that last day, I'll be buying physical books while I can! My order from Amazon came in today. I made sure to get nice thick novels for the winter. I'm going to need them.

Helen of Troy and Elizabeth I by Margaret George, and Cleopatra: a Life by Stacy Schiff. I love me some historical fiction! Oh, and don't mind the DVD hahah. I don't have great taste in movies. :) "I'm Elvira, but you can call me... tonight" 

I haven't really don't mu…

Raise your hands

If you have spent more time SHOPPING for cross stitch stash than actually STITCHING what you have?

~raises~ I've been doing just that this past week. My order from SBaB is on it's way (FINALLY. Only took almost a month!) and I have not one, but TWO orders from 123Stitch going (one on the way, one I put in this morning >.>)

I've told myself that I am DONE. Everything (and more) of what I want to do next year has been ordered. Now it's time to work work work these hands and create all these things.

Anyway I am going to cut this one short because I want to actually do something stitchy today. :D Have a great day! :D