Thursday, 29 December 2011

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Can't believe the year is almost over!

The time seems to be flying by so fast. I don't even know where my year went. :( Christmas has come and gone, and my body decided to give me the PMS from Hell again so it's not been a very enjoyable one. I'm still not over it.  I seriously just want a hysterectomy, but I'm too young and everyone thinks I'll want kids some day. I don't want kids, and I'm tired of my girl parts making my life horrible whenever it decides to feel like it. :(

I started one of the Britty Kitties, which I have decided to give to a client of mine who has a 24 year old cat named Ham. He's really cute, but the past couple weeks he's been slowing down and not eating as much. I mean, the cat has lived way longer than most cats, so him passing away at some point isn't exactly a surprise. But it will devastate her. I always make sure to fuss over him every time I visit. He gets fresh water, creamo, and Whiskas Temptations (or what I like to call, Kitty Crack), and lots and lots of petting. He's missing some front teeth so his lips curl in, and when you pet him enough he starts to drool all over the place haha.

So yeah, I'm making that for her because at some point he's not going to be around and I want something for her to remember him by :) I changed the kitty colour from black to orange to match what he looks like.When I get a bit more stitched in I'll take a picture.

I went to Michaels today because I got it in my head that I want to make Pikachu christmas ornaments. I now have all the materials to make 8 of them! That should be fun. Of course I forgot to pick up some paintbrushes. I'll figure something out!

Anyway I have work tonight and then it's probably straight to bed with me and the hot water bottle. Take care everyone and I hope you all have a wonderful New Year!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

2012 Projects!

Hello Everyone! I have fallen off the face of the Earth! Ok so I haven't, but I also haven't really been stitching too much the past couple weeks and don't have much to show you on Paladin. I have been working on him, just not enough for a TA-DA picture. :)

I did however, take pictures of my stash for next year, in their ziplocks and all. I know, I should be a professional photographer. (yeah I couldn't keep a straight face either.)

First up is Britty Kitty Stocking. I keep wanting to change the cat on the foot to a dog, since I have 2 cats and a dog, but I don't have a britty dog pattern in my stash that would go there. I'll survive, I guess. Anyway, this stocking will be done on 28 count Queen Anne's Lace with all the fibers and buttons it calls for. It'll be the first project of the year as it will be a SAL piece! I can't wait to get started. Needles ready!

Next up is Follow Me by Primitive Needle. It was the pattern I just HAD to have. I haven't decided on the fabric yet, if I'll use stormy grey  or something darker. I do have one skein of the Belle Soile silk with it. I love touching that silk. Pretty sure it's going to be all grimy and frayed by the time I get around to stitching with it.
And then there are more Britty Kitties. I and II to be exact! These will probably be spaced out through the year. I don't know what I'm going to do with them. I'm thinking of a collage of frames with them in them. I think that would look nice. They'll also be done on 28 count Queen Anne's Lace.
Let's see. How about some Buzzzz by Bent Creek. I am horrified of bees. I've jumped out of my vehicle before at the sight of a been inside. In my defense, I ~am~ allergic to their sting. Not to the point that I would DIE if I got stung, but enough to freak me the heck out. Here's to hoping I can get over my fear of bees and stitch this cute little one up. Maybe I could leave the bee to the last and stitch it with my eyes closed? I have 2 fabrics waiting on this one, and I might get an opinion later on which to use. Babbling Brook (blue) or African Daisy (yellow). I'm leaning towards the yellow, but we'll see when I do my floss toss later!
I have a 2011 Santa to make as well! I already bought the frame for it, to match the 2010 Santa. It'll be done on Summer Khaki with the required DMC threads.
And flip Santa around and we have Summer Splendor by Little House Needleworks. It'll also be done on the Summer Khaki. I have all the threads now for it. Might end up saving this one for Summer. I know. Original.
Next up will be Letter S by Nora Corbett. I've actually had this one in my stash for awhile, since last March I think? Might have been a birthday present to myself. Something like that. There is a floss toss somewhere back in the archives. I'll be using a pinky pink fabric. Raspberry Lite. Which will have me humming Raspberry Beret by Prince every time I think about it. I'm doing it now. AAAAAAAARGH. She wore a raspberry beret, the kind you find in a second hand store. a raspberry beret, if it was warm she wouldn't wear much more. Darnit. Worst part is I have a body wash called Raspberry Sorbet. Now you know what I sing in the shower.
I have Messenger by FireWing Designs. I picked out Threadworx Leather and Lace, which is sort of a dark brown and white fibre. Still waffling on that. I have a 28 count fabric in Desert Stone that I am thinking of using for it. It's a dark brown. We shall see!
More Christmas stitchings! by Stitchy Kitty I have Christmas Kitty Moon. I even bought those round metal plate things that you put your stitching on one and a backing fabric on the other, then glue together. sort of a cheater's way of finishing, but it looks cool. I'll be trying those out this year with this pattern. For such a small pattern, there are loads of embellishments. The fuzzy stuff and krenik and rainbow gallery something or other. Using the recommended fabric (millennium blue) and fibers. I've tried to stitch this pattern twice before. Once on a jazlyn opal fabric that had me raging so hard that I threw it out in a fit of anger, and then again on a white evenweave but it looks so blah that I never finished. I have the blue so hopefully third time will be the charm! (seriously, who gets angry at fabrics? ME)
And there you have it folks! These are my 2012 goals, and barring some gaming disaster (Diablo 3 and Warcraft Mists of Pandaria coming out next year kind of disasters) I should be able to get them all done.

My biggest goal for next year is to pay off my student loan. I have about 3500 left on it. I really want it over and done with, because 2013 I'd like to get a new car. My work requires a good car, and I'm sort of sick of paying 75+ dollars every two weeks to fill mine up. The stitching goal is no new stash next year (unless it's gifted to me) to save money.

Doesn't stop me from going all crazy NOW with my money. I did get a Nintendo 3DS in PINK!!! which I am really excited for. I traded my old one for Mario Kart 7, I have Nintendogs+Cats which came with it, and I bought Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. I know that for Christmas I'll be getting 2 more games, so that should do me too for next year. :) I'm set for gaming and stitching. Now it's time to save save save!

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and an awesome New Year!

Saturday, 10 December 2011


I have a friend named Megan who lives in Japan and she always sends such nice cards each year, this year I received a surprise! This is a little felt pouch, making me wonder what could be inside!

Yes I had already opened it lol. I couldn't wait to find my phone for pictures :D ANYWAY. I found this inside! /drumroll

Isn't it so cute? Going to be very fun to make!

I've always wanted to make her something, but because she's not actually from Japan (she's working there) I always figure that if she ever decides to go home, she doesn't really need something else to pack. I think that I'm going to do it anyway! I have a project in mind already! (and thankfully I have all the materials for it haha)

On the stitching front, I haven't really done anything. I feel like I'm waiting for the new year. I'm itching to start all my kitted up projects, but holding myself back til January lol. I keep opening up the drawer to admire all the kitted projects. I know, I'm weird. Thankfully I'm in good company as I'm pretty sure every one of you do the same :)

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