Monday, 27 August 2012

Messenger and new stash ahoy!

I ordered some new stash today! Needed the belle soie silk to finish Follow Me. Of course I had to order more lol. On the way now is White Willow tribals Orca, flamingo, and maple leaf with the threads to go with them (hot pink and honky tonk threadworx), and prairie schooler 2012 Santa. Also picked up piecemakers and bohin needles to try aaaaand pink Victorian scissors lol.

I started Messenger by fire wing designs and I'm using 28ct jobelan hand dyed I'm desert stone with threadworx leather and lace.

Going to try posting with my phone!

*edit* the phone doesn't format it very well, and the picture was added sideways and way too small. lol.

So there is the correct picture. :)

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  1. I cannot say I like the blogger app! It does so little formatting (seriously? I need more than bold and italics, thank you!) and it posts pictures SO TINY, omygosh. Since I don't often have Internet it's good for a quick post to edit later, but bah!

    Your start looks great though! :D


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