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Uh oh

I'm in one of those stitching slumps again. A big part of it is because I found a dude. It's a bit of a Long Distance thing. He's been to visit me and we hit it off, now I am off to visit him in September. We are both gamers so yes, a lot of my time is spent playing stuff with him and not stitching, and I am happy.

I managed to finally mail away the last 4 Pokemon and they have since been framed by Tim. He is very happy with them all, and that makes me happy too.

Anyway, heading over to Montreal and I've already scoped out a Cross Stitch store that I am interested in visiting while I am there. I want to pick up a pair of scissors or something to remind me of my first real vacation in 9 years. I am finally at a place in my life where I can do that. I earn enough and get paid vacations now and it's opened up a whole world for me. I'm even tossing around the idea that I want to go to Australia! Me, miss social anxiety and fears everything wanting to go to Austral…