Tuesday, 21 October 2014

I come with a WIP and some fabrics!

I actually started this when I was in Montreal.. that's how long it's been since I've touched it. This is Gardenia garden Pixie by Nora Corbett. I am using all the materials on the pattern, with a white evenweave fabric in 28 count.

Her wings are done on that side, and now I am working on the dress. Wee!

I participated in the Picture This Plus Christmas in July fabric sale this year, and I got my fabrics today. It was a long wait, but very very worth it. I bought all Crystal fabrics in a choice of colours. Haunted, Heroic, Nocturne, Pansy, Carnival, and Echo.

Aww yeah, try not to drool over them. :) All that fabric will be 12 projects worth, so it was great value to buy during the sale.

Things are changing very rapidly, and money will be tight tight tight, so this has to be the last of my stash buying for awhile. Thankfully I have a lot of things to work on while I weather this storm called life!

Now that fall is in full swing and winter is around the corner, I feel that very familiar urge to stitch happening again and I couldn't be happier for it to be back.


  1. OMG those fabrics look spectacular! I'm definitely drooling here.

    1. ugh I know! I have them on my desk so I can stare at them lovingly and think about what patterns I should use for which colour. I think some floss tosses are in order!!!!

  2. ermagerd look at nocturne. That would probably be a piece I just look at. Forever. As is. Maybe eventually get the courage to touch it.

    Good luck with that thing called life. It's a weird one. :D


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