Tuesday, 18 October 2016

woo updates

I got some stitching done! Hurray for me! Look at Bloom Collector now, she has an ARM!

Last week I took Emma to the vet to get her teeth cleaned and she ended up getting 4 teeth pulled. This is her after the ordeal
She was still looped up on anesthetic in this picture and none too happy. She tried barking the very next day and whimpered right after because it hurt! my poor baby! She went to the vet this morning to have her post dental checkup and he said she was fine to eat hard kibble again, which she really appreciated. She was getting sick of softened food haha.

Next up is the stash I bought, which arrived today all packed up nice and separate so I didn't have to go figuring out what DMC went with what pattern!

Much pretty. Very shine! These were ordered from Traditional Stitches here in Canada.

And last but not least, I had a VERY BAD Thanksgiving Weekend. We are talking brought to literal tears and my poor Nursing Supervisor and Scheduler had to hear me blubbering in my car as I told them what went on. I was treated like crap for doing my job, and caring for my client. The family had other ideas and basically made me cry lol.

So I bought myself this to cheer myself up
It's from my favourite Etsy shop for jewelry, Grace Anchor.

It's a moonstone and it's gorgeous.

Anyway that is all for now! Hope everyone is getting a lot of craftiness done! :)


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