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I am trying everything to get back into stitching. My newest idea is to have it out where I have to look at it. thus, after a trip to IKEA and putting the table together twice because apparently you can put the legs on backwards, I have my stitching out where I can see it.

I'm all about that pink. Hopefully this works, otherwise I just bought an expensive tv tray haha.

I went through all my stash recently and donated a bunch to the thrift store that I knew I wasn't going to work on. Last year I also gave the cross stitch group on reddit a bunch of patterns I wasn't going to do/already had done (but man, that was expensive in postage!)

I found patterns and fibers I don't even remember buying! One of the funny things was that I've been eyeing up Nora Corbetts Wisteria fairy for ages, and after going through my things, found the pattern, all the beads, and all the DMC/specialty threads for it. Oops. For about a year I was randomly buying patterns and whatnot that caug…