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What a day!

I got so much done today on Blossom Collector! Might I see another finish in my future? who knows!

What is it about working with silks that make it feel so luxurious? I don't use it very often, but when I do, it makes me feel all fancy pants, and also how I'd like to win the lotto so I could stitch in nothing but silks!

I'm happy I was able to finally have a real stitch day. Hopefully there will be more :)

Blossom Collector

Wooo she has boots! now it's moving on UP time.


Hello! I dropped off the face of the earth again because I caught ANOTHER plague/disease or maybe it was just a really bad sinus infection that turned bronchitis. WHO KNOWS! That's 2 sicknesses back2back as a double feature. How crappy. I'm finally feeling alive again and able to sit up long enough to stitch for a bit each day.

Yesterday I finished 2 projects. They're small, and they are finished.

Blue Owl, woo! or I mean Hoo! I left out the stars, because the other owl I did does not have things surrounding it.
Mill Hill beaded Cat in a Box kit! I still need to trim it up a bit more, but for now it is DONE. For such a small stitch, it sure was fiddly to work on! I have one more beaded kit to do for my Australian friend. I can't post it til later, since I want it to be a surprise.

After complaining about price of things, I ordered more. Glendon Place seems to have my attention lately and I ordered Royal Poinsettias and most the stuff to make it, and Fudgy Mint Mousse…