Saturday, 6 August 2011


I've been in a horrible stitching slump this past month, and I need to remedy that. Of course that didn't stop me from placing an order with Stitching Bits and Bobs just now. So much for my goal of no new stash til I finished the projects on my list! I ordered the new Prairie Schooler 2011 Santa, Lizzie*Kate's Wine a Bit pattern, and LHN Summer Splendor with all the fibers to go with each. Cept the Santa, I have all the DMC it requires save the 221 (red). I also tossed in Kelmscott's Tudor Rose scissors. I DID keep it under 50 USD (which includes shipping) so I'm counting that as good!

I have a crazy story. I was at Milsean Shoppe about a week or so ago, and I spied these little ceramic goldfish. I left there without buying one, but they had invaded the OCD part of my brain. I started thinking about them all the time. What would I do with the fish? I could get them a bowl, and some sand and other little decorations. I was at Bowring with my mom where I saw the perfect bowl. I didn't buy it then, because I was wondering how the fish would fit in it. But they had this bowl, and decorative sand and whatnot all on sale. Thursday I had had enough. I need these fish. I need that bowl. I will not rest until everything has come together! So anyway, on thursday during a 30 min break between my clients, I went back to the shop and bought the darn fish.
Aren't they adorable? Monday Momster and I are going out to run some errands and do a bit of shopping, where I will get them the bowl and whatnot. I'll update with another pic once I've done that.
I really need to get stitching. :)

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  1. ooo well done on your stash session and yup those fish are cute :)
    love mouse xxx


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