Friday, 6 April 2012


Well then, this week is turning out to be another really busy week at work. Stitching is at an all time low, I'm afraid. I did get my Birthday stash a month after I ordered it.. I present to you my three Mirabilia Fairies!

how festive!
Sorry about the glare, they are in a plastic sleeve and my Ott-Lite is like right there!

Theresa over at Shakespeare's Peddler is trying to raise money for the Gatos to have more fun in their lives. She is offering needlework goodies (fibers/embellishments/patterns) in exchange for 50 USD! She did mention in the post about US residents... I emailed her anyway to ask if I could join in the fun if I sent a little extra to cover postage to Canada. I really hope she says yes! You can click the link and see what it's all about, and if you have the extra dough lying around maybe you could help her out too :)

SHE REPLIED! and yes she'll ship to Canada, hurray! I was so excited that I was about to get dressed and head to the post office to get a MO and mail it, but then remembered that it's Good Friday. Not open! I'll do it tomorrow. :)

Speaking of tomorrow, I can't wait for it. Yesterday I drove about 78 km to visit all my clients. That's a lot of driving in a 7 hour shift! Tonight doesn't look too bad so far, but I do have a 20 km drive between two clients at the end of my visits. Tomorrow I have an easy shift of 4 hours but it's with the same person who is nice to be around. No long drives for me!

I took a picture of my progress on Follow Me. I have been slowly working on it, a few stitches at a time. :)

Oh yeee, my treadmill got delivered yesterday. We were told that it would be between 8am and 2pm, that he would phone 10 mins before he arrived, and that he had to deliver it in the back entrance. We were told he would have a dolly.

None of those things happened. He arrived at 3:30, didn't phone, didn't go to the back entrance, and didn't have a dolly. So he left it on the back driveway by the ROAD. I paid over 1400 for this thing, and this is the delivery I get? Lucky for me we have fridge dollys (heavy duty ones!) because this treadmill is a beast. It weighs 317 pounds, so getting it from the road to the house was really fun for my brothers and dad lol. It is still sitting on the back deck, so I don't know when we'll be able to put it together. It's going to have to come in to the house in parts lol. There is no way we are going to be able to bring that box in here. :)

My Dad emailed NordicTrack to complain about the horrible delivery service. lol.

I think that is about it! Happy Stitching everyone and enjoy Easter Weekend!


  1. Great new stash and stitching.


  2. Yummy new stash. Can't wait to see you start them. Lovely stitching too.



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