Saturday, 14 July 2012

Holy crud!

SO yeaaaaaaahh.. I didn't forget about this haha. I... really haven't been stitching at all lately. I mean, I finally picked up the needle tonight to work on Letter S while at my Saturday client, but I haven't done anything since I finished Rageface. Which I still need to mail, even.

To be honest the past month has been emotionally draining. My mood swings have been uncontrollable and it's making me miserable. What really sucks is that stitching always relaxes me, but I can't seem to pick up the needle to do it. I have immersed myself in gaming, though, to get me through it. I'm finally starting to feel a bit more like myself.

Anyway, here is my latest Letter S picture.
Pretty much just the wings to do, the flower bit, and then the beading. She was meant to be done a couple weeks ago, but yeah. Oh wells.

Hope everyone is doing well, and I enjoy reading your blogs every day. :) Take care and happy stitching! :)

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  1. *gives you a hug* I'm sorry you are feeling crap. Keep squeezing in things that you like to do....even five minutes at a time. Love your stitching....Nora Corbett does such lovely designs.


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