Oh be joyful, cause that shit spreads.

Sorry for the swearing in the title, I'm listening to Oh Be Joyful by Matthew Good. He's a local musician and one of my favourites. Lets all be joyful, shall we?

I haven't really been stitching since I finished the last Pokemon. I now have Leafeon finished, and that makes 8 done. Of course the makers of Pokemon have added yet another eeveelution, but so far there isn't a pattern for it.

Anyway here is Leafeon
I am going to try and stitch more, rather than play WoW all the days. I seem to be playing a lot of that lately.

I have a couple choices on my next project to work on. I started Duality by Fire Wing Designs, and then I have Follow Me by Bothy Threads also in the WIP pile. I recently got a Fallout VaultBoy pattern as well that someone posted on reddit I'm itching to start. Aaaand, I have some requests from friends for patterns, so I'm not really sure where to start.

At any rate it feels good to be stitching again. :) 


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