More finishes!

Look at me go.

I got my first cross stitch professionally framed and I love it. I picked a suede mat for it, and a green to compliment it.

LOOK AT IT. It's really great. Once I figure out how to pack it up for mailing, it's heading to Montreal. As you might remember from a previous post, this is the one I started there when I was on vacation. :)

I finished Golurk who was a GoJERK to finish on time because he was so big.

and Drifblim was finished as well, in all his or her baloony goodness.

and this is a WIP I am doing for a client of mine who loves owls. It's a pink owl on a branch. I am using a blue sparkly jubilee fabric which is really shiny and pretty. I remember trying to work on it before and I got disgusted with how horrible it was, but I'm trying again and it's not that bad. I guess I had it back when I ws first starting on evenweave so there was a bit of a learning curve. Now I'm an old (I stress OLD) pro at this, the fabric ain't so bad!

Here is the WIP.

So this year I didn't really get much done and bought way too much stash.

Maybe next year, eh? :)


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