Seriously need some mojo!

I'm forcing myself to cross stitch. I mean, once I get doing it, I really enjoy it. Just seems like parking myself in the chair and putting something on to watch feels like SO MUCH EFFORT.

Anyway, I've been working on Gardenia Fairy yesterday and today and got a good chunk done.

I have to admit I was kinda worried as I worked up from the bottom of the left side that the stitches would not meet properly with the rest of her dress/wing.

If that had happened, I probably would have quit FOREVER.

Here is the updated picture

My birthday is coming up on Saturday, and since I'll be working, we are having Chinese food and cake tonight.

I did not buy myself any more stash for my birthday, but I did splurge on a bunch of video games! (which is why I am not stitching as much..)

I ordered!

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse for the Wii U
Mario and Donkey Kong Tipping Stars 3DS/Wii U
Final Fantasy Curtain Call 3DS
Final Fantasy III 3DS
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate 3DS
Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask 3DS

 I also Preordered Grand Theft Auto 5 for the PC
and bought Starcraft 2 + expansion for the PC

Whew. We are also in the process of selling the house/moving at some point so I've packed away a lot of my stash already. I kept out Gardenia as you can see, also The Last Unicorn which I should take a picture of soon. I tend to work on that when I have a 4 hour respite client, and a small Mill Hill beaded ornament kit. I keep hoping that once we finally get moved and settled, I'll have everything set up for stitching comfortably again.

So lots of things going on, hoping to keep on trucking with my stitching!


  1. Happy Birthday Pandy. Wonderful progress on the fairy.


  2. omgmonsterhunter4Iamsojealous T^T My husband I just got into 3U. It's like Dark Souls Pokemon! :D I'm still patiently waiting for SC boxset once Protoss comes out. I always sucked at Broodwar but eh. It's fun!

    Lovely progress on your fairy and thank goodness it lined up! I'm always scared of that too.

    1. o and happy birthday! I got so excited by your games I forgot to say it, lol.


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