The Last Unicorn

I bought this pattern because it reminds me of my favourite childhood movie by the same name.

It's really going to POP on that black fabric once I get more colours in there. :) I haven't worked on 14 count AIDA in a long time, it's stiff and weird. :D


  1. Cute design and it is going to look great on the black fabric.


  2. This is adorable! Just curious, where in BC are you? I'm in BC too, on the Island. If your close, you should come to our stitch'n'bitch.

    BTW, your furbabies are adorable.

    1. Oh hello! I'm on the mainland, unfortunately. I'd love to be a part of a stitch'n'bitch :( thanks for the comment. I'll be sure to tell the brats how adorable they are. :)


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