Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Ever had a project...

That you just can't stand to work on? Eevee has turned into that project for me. I started it, frogged it, started again and just can't get into it. It has lead me into a shame spiral since it's for a friend and I know how excited he is about getting them. I told him about it and he said to relax, I'm doing this for fun and he doesn't care when he gets it.

BUT STILL. I feel pressure! It's not even that big and won't take that long to do. Agggrhhh.

So I got Twisted Stitches from Amazon on Monday! There are some very off the wall projects in there and a few that I'm interested in doing. Ones that stand out are Lizzie Borden
Would make the perfect gift for my parents. hahaha. Yes I am really that morbid. I doubt I could do my job if I didn't have such a sense of humor about it. :)

and this: on the one side is a happy go lucky bunny, on the other?
My job requires me to drive, a lot. With the increased driving comes the increased chance of hitting something. One fateful Easter Sunday I was driving to a client when out jumps in front of me, a bunny. I couldn't slam on the brakes because I was on a busy road and unfortunately for Insurance purposes, it's my fault if I cause an accident over trying to avoid an animal. So I ran over it, hoping that I didn't actually hit it. I looked in my rearview mirror to see tufts of hair flying all over. When I got to my client I was holding back tears. On her table was a newspaper. The picture on it just happened to be Easter related: two kids holding a brown bunny. That didn't help my guilt AT ALL.

The client after her had a calender with a brown bunny on it. Seriously, my day couldn't have gotten worse lol. I never forgot about that bunny and I think I'll make this keychain for myself.

This one I really like too.
creeepy eh?

And last but not least:
The Sugar skulls are really nice too. What's great is that on the back page is a pocket with charts for the bigger designs. My only problem with the charts overall is that they are sort of hard to see. The symbols that is. I would have to enlarge them. Some of the patterns (like one of  the sugar skulls) is in the middle of the book, so that's not cool to try and see the chart there.

I started Nora Corbetts Letter S yesterday. While I really love the pattern, she could have at least put the colours/symbols on the inside where the pattern actually is. Now I have to write them down somewhere so I don't have to keep flipping the pattern over. The pattern itself is really too big. I don't like messing up my patterns and this is just begging for a working copy because of it's size.

Tomorrow I have to iron and pack up all the projects that are heading out on Friday. It'll be nice to finally get them out :) I hope my friends like them!

That is it for now, take care!


  1. awww poor bunny .... and cool stitches love the sugar skull one :) love mouse xxxx

  2. That is a great book, isn't it? I have a copy of it and I agree about the size of the patterns. I would have been the same as you over the rabbit.

  3. Hi

    I like your blog! I have this book and am working on the bookmark at the moment as a gift.


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