Wednesday, 28 March 2012

March can just stop marching tyvm!

Where IS this month going? WHERE? My goals went all wacky but I did do some of them. I switched out that dinky dies piece I was working on at my Saturday client and put in Nora's Letter S. So far it's coming along nicely :) I picked up Follow Me last night and worked on that a bit while I watched Planet Life. I did manage to mail 2/4 packages. I went and forgot two of them at home. They are going to have to wait for a bit as I'm short of money right now.

Wanna know why? :D I ordered a treadmill. I *really* want to be more active, but I also have high levels of social/anxiety so going out for something simple like a walk is really unbearable for me. Some times it takes all my will just to go to work.

I did a lot of research and ended up getting NordicTrack C1750. You'll notice the tablet on it. I am *that* geeky that I wanted it to be able to use google maps/ access the internets. This is supposed to recreate places I want to walk - bumps, hills, and all - and use street view so I can see where I'm going. That was a big seller for me. I'll let you know once I get it how awesome/bad it is haha. :)

If you have any places you think would be cool to walk that has street view, I'm up for suggestions! Pretty excited about this.

So here is to stitching and walking... just not at the same time!

.. or can I....!!!


  1. ooo well done on getting the tread mill think that is something that I would be safer with .. having just had a wee accident while out with the puppy ... luckily DD was with me
    let me know how you get on with it :) love mouse xxxxxx

  2. can always try!! If you can do it, let me know, and I'll buy a dang treadmill!! Hmmm...I bet I could totally knit and walk at the same time...hmmmm...either that or fall and impale myself on some knitting needles.


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