Yesterday I tripped over my next purchase, literally. The Amazon dood left it between the screen door and the door, so when I opened the door to walk out, I tripped on it. Thanks, guy!

Been wanting this book for ages, but it has proven hard to get in Canada., Chapters.indigo, and everywhere else I looked they were out of stock and have been out of stock for months! I'm not into ordering stuff off eBay, or from different sellers on Amazon. If I'm ordering from Amazon, I want it to be FROM Amazon, not a third party seller. Anyway, that limited me.

I was finally able to order it from the US Amazon, of course for a lot more in shipping charges, but whatever! I HAVE IT!

I basically wanted it for the word charts in it, Hope, Believe, Imagine, and Dream.

Now if only I could stitch faster.


  1. Oooh, that looks like a fun book! Congrats on scoring it from the actual Amazon source!


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