Monday, 10 September 2012

yummm stashy goodness

Yay it arrived today. Which also happens to be the day I remembered that I wasn't supposed to buy any stash this year LOL. OH WELL!

What's not shown is the DMC 310 and B5200, and the Belle Soie Noir. Now I can finish Follow ME!

My goals for this month (haha goals.. ) is to finish Follow me by the 23rd so I can mail it off to my friend for her Hallowe'en decorations this year. I also need to mail rageface and all the pokemons still :( I'm so bad at mailing crap. Has to wait til the 23rd though when I get paid.

I blew so much money last week. Between rent, groceries, cell phone bill, new towels, pet food, and the heated blanket.. I'm seriously broke!

I bought a heated blanket from Sears, it's not a huge one that's like, bed size. It's one for my lap because I am tired of being frozen during the winter lol. Basement living is great in the summer, but this being a really old house, trying to keep warm is challenging. I hope this helps!

I'm currently on my weekend right now. I go back to work for Wed/Thurs/Fri and then I have another 4 days off. Can't wait! :)

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