Friday, 28 September 2012

I have been stitching

Despite Mists of Pandaria being out, I have been stitching as well! I got in a nice 2 hour chunk done on Messenger while I watched my friend Tim play his character this morning :)

Aww yee. I've also been working on Summer Splendor by Little House Needleworks when I have time between clients.
And that's about it for now. :)

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Messenger is a little bigger. :)

So my dream of having her done by Pandaria isn't happening haha. But she is close to being done. :)

Very regal. :)

I finally managed to mail off the projects I finished this year to their respective owners. Rageface is off to NZ, the Pokemon to AUS, Portal towel to USA, and Follow Me to Canada. :D I feel good about that haha.

That is it for now! :)

Friday, 21 September 2012

Quick Post

I mailed off all the patterns today. Hopefully I didn't mess up and everyone got what they asked for. :) Thank you for taking some of them off my hands! I hope to have an update in the next couple days, but Torchlight is taking up some of my time, and family the other. :)

Monday, 17 September 2012


My very first one, and I think it went okay. I DID get some stitching done and I was hermitting.  That's what I needed to do, right? :D

I am at the halfway point of Messenger. She's starting to remind me of a zebra moth!


I did have fun going through my stash and removing some I can give away, and kitting up other things.

I also ended up playing a bunch of Warcraft. Saturday I did my ICC OR BUST run with some guildmates to finish off all the achievements in there and I am now the proud owner of my very first bonedrake!
Awww yeeee. Last night I got my Paladin from 81-83, which was nice. Guildies ran 2 of us through some instances for experience and gearz. Was fun. I have one guildie who is SO SOUTHERN! it cracks me up when he says "sumbitch" hahaha.

Torchlight 2 comes out this week, and then Pandaria after that on the 25th. Lets hope I get Messenger done before Pandaria at least! I have a feeling my needle won't be hitting the fabric for a month or two after that. :)

Thinking about taking the next IHSW off next month too, but I better submit that time off notice now if I'm going to do it then haha! Hope everyone had a great weekend. I know I did. :)

Friday, 14 September 2012

Need to get crackin

I need to get working on Messenger. I haven't touched it in a week I think. Or feels like a week.

I also feel like I need to do a stash purge. My pattern drawer is full to the brim and when I went through my fabric drawer I found another stack of patterns. I actually rolled my eyes when I found it. Am I *really* going to stitch all this crap?

~interlude as I go through my pattern drawer~

I now have a stack of patterns! I thought it would be more than what it is. I have a lot of really old freebies clogging up my binder. I must have gone through a print every freebie ever phase.

Finished Kitting up a few of the newer patterns I have, and taking stock how much fabric I have left from when I stocked up last year, and what I have left on the 2012 Bucket list.

I have kitted:

  • Tribal Orca
  • Tribal Flamingo
  • Tribal Maple Leaf
  • 2012 Prairie Schooler Santa (was supposed to be 2011 but I like 2012 better also on the 2012 bucket list)
  • Cat Lessons for People (2012 bucket)
  • Christmas Kitty Moon (2012 bucket)
  • Britty Kitty Stocking (2012 bucket)
  • LHN Summer Splendor (2012 bucket, started but not finished)
  • Mirabilia Halloween, Christmas, and Easter Fairies

Things I would like to do

  • Legend of Zelda Patterns! (have fabric and fiber for it)
  • More game themed towels (need towels...)
  • DREAM (need some DMC for it, but have rest of materials)

Going back through my posts so far this year, I'm surprised with just how much I've done. I think my list for this year was a bit ambitious considering I'm also a gamer. I have a big fear I won't get anything done when Mists of Pandaria comes out in 11 days!

So just a heads up, you might not hear from me for awhile haha.

I am considering offering up the patterns in a giveaway, but I need money for postage first so it'll be a couple weeks. I'll strive to get pictures of what I have up for people to look at. I think basically I'll post all the pictures, and people can tell me what they're interested in. If more than one person wants something, I'll draw names, otherwise you get what you ask for lol.

So from here on out, unless a new pattern SINGS to me, I don't really need anything else for this year, or the next. I am content with my stash that is manageable right now. I could probably use a couple more hand dyed fabrics, but since everything I have is kitted up at the moment, even that can wait. :)

Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Yesterday I tripped over my next purchase, literally. The Amazon dood left it between the screen door and the door, so when I opened the door to walk out, I tripped on it. Thanks, guy!

Been wanting this book for ages, but it has proven hard to get in Canada., Chapters.indigo, and everywhere else I looked they were out of stock and have been out of stock for months! I'm not into ordering stuff off eBay, or from different sellers on Amazon. If I'm ordering from Amazon, I want it to be FROM Amazon, not a third party seller. Anyway, that limited me.

I was finally able to order it from the US Amazon, of course for a lot more in shipping charges, but whatever! I HAVE IT!

I basically wanted it for the word charts in it, Hope, Believe, Imagine, and Dream.

Now if only I could stitch faster.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Another post!

Annnd Follow Me is finished. :) After a movie and chatting up my AUS friend on Skype til 2:30am, I am done with this project. I loved working with the Belle Soie silk, but with a pricetag of almost 8 dollars for one skein, it's probably my only project working with it. Unless I win the lotto, then I'll have my own craft warehouse and all the silks money can buy.


Monday, 10 September 2012

yummm stashy goodness

Yay it arrived today. Which also happens to be the day I remembered that I wasn't supposed to buy any stash this year LOL. OH WELL!

What's not shown is the DMC 310 and B5200, and the Belle Soie Noir. Now I can finish Follow ME!

My goals for this month (haha goals.. ) is to finish Follow me by the 23rd so I can mail it off to my friend for her Hallowe'en decorations this year. I also need to mail rageface and all the pokemons still :( I'm so bad at mailing crap. Has to wait til the 23rd though when I get paid.

I blew so much money last week. Between rent, groceries, cell phone bill, new towels, pet food, and the heated blanket.. I'm seriously broke!

I bought a heated blanket from Sears, it's not a huge one that's like, bed size. It's one for my lap because I am tired of being frozen during the winter lol. Basement living is great in the summer, but this being a really old house, trying to keep warm is challenging. I hope this helps!

I'm currently on my weekend right now. I go back to work for Wed/Thurs/Fri and then I have another 4 days off. Can't wait! :)

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Yes I'm geeky.

I found a bunch of The Legend of Zelda cross stitch patterns from Dorkstitch here on blogspot, and that lead me to Michaels to get the fabric for them. While I was there I picked up one of those towels you can stitch on, with the idea I wanted Hyrule crests along them bottom.

But then I saw a pattern on Spritestitch for a Portal stitch, and a few hours later, this is what I came up with!

I love it. :D Now I want to go back and spend even more money I don't have on more towels hahah. :)

Monday, 3 September 2012

Messenger update

Rolling right along with Messenger. What I love about these sort of designs is how quickly they can stitch up when you're not fooling around with switching threads all the time. :) Glad I ordered more of them!

My goal was to do the whole left wing today, and I missed it by a bit. I am very happy with the progress though!

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