I know I've tried this goal thing before and failed miserably. So I'm going to try it again and hope for better results. Who needs logic!

I really want to get Aryll finished. She's really close to being done, I'd say a good 3-4 hour chunk of stitching and she will be done. I haven't started Glaceon yet, which I'm blaming my friend for. Ok so it's not all his fault.  The last couple weeks we've been having a hard time getting together for gaming+stitching. He's bogged down at work and being social, and I've been tired after my work.

Work is going great! I just find myself getting tired as the work days go on. By Sunday all I want to do is sleep, Monday I'm a zombie, and then it's my weekend where I recharge lol.

So for December the plan is getting Aryll finished and Glaceon done. Glaceon shouldn't take more than a week to do if I get 2 hours a night in like I did with Vaporeon. Leafeon has the most colours so I'm leaving it for last. Maybe I'll get that done in December, but I'm keeping my goals small this time lol.

I got some crap on the Aryll fabric which I'm hoping I can get out after I'm done stitching, and hoping the threadworx doesn't bleed. Ok not literal crap. I don't even know what it is. :D

Okay that is it from me. Hopefully some pictures soon :)


  1. Oh, I can never make goals! The moment they're written down, I can't complete them, LOL. So I don't write and just... hope for the best. Sometimes it actually works, too. :D G'luck with yours!


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