I finished Vaporeon last night. I'm trying to think how long it took me in hours. I know just his head took me four hours, and then I've been stitching him almost exclusively with my friend playing vidya games after work this week, so maybe 10 hours total? Since we won't be having our usual brodates on Saturday anymore, a few nights a week we'll be gaming and stitching after work for about 2~ hours each time. Really helps keep me motivated on stitching these Pokemon. :)
Right now he's playing Bioshock 1, which I absolutely love. The story line in that game is really amazing. He'll probably play Bioshock 2 after. I can't wait for the next game coming out next year hopefully! It looks amazing.

Next up is Jolteon!


  1. I think my favorite time to get stitching done is when my guy is playing games, too! Your vaporeon looks great, yay! :D

  2. Congrats on the finish. He turned out great.



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