Sunday, 25 November 2012

what is this work thing

that keeps cutting into my CRAFTY TIME?

This weekend I decided it would be my very own stitch and bitch at a local cafe. Ok so I was the only one there, and I wasn't bitching. But I was stitching and enjoying really yummy hot chocolate. the first day, because it was spur of the moment, I worked on Summer Splendor by LHN and realized how much I hated it. I was only there an hour between clients so I put a few stitches in while hoping I'd somehow slop hot chocolate all over it which would give me an excuse to can the thing, but alas, I'm just not drooly enough. the lid probably didn't help my cause either.

Today I had 2 hours between clients so I brought Jolteon to finish up. I again enjoyed a really yummy hot chocolate but this time I was hoping I wouldn't slop all over the place! I pretty much got him finished there, yay. I just put the last couple stitches in now.

I had a couple people wander over to me to see what I was doing. I got the whole, "oh, you must have a lot of patience" from some but there was a really nice older lady that chatted with me and we had a lot of laughs over this and that.

I just sometimes wish I had more local people to do this with. :)

Next up is Glaceon, hopefully I have less of a frog-fest with that little one.


  1. Congrats on the finish Pandy. I really like him.


  2. See, you persevered and finished him without incident. :D Omedetou~ Perhaps you should leave the other chart out 'accidentally' where kitty friends could 'happen' to find it... and play with it... and turn it into Kitty Bed Heaven. Someone's gotta love it!

  3. Jolteon is adorable...adorably fierce, I mean! =) Hmmm, you need some clumsier people to stitch with, clearly. Too bad I don't live near you; I'm sure I could have spilled hot chocolate all over whatever you wanted, LOL!


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