Friday, 16 November 2012

Really Early Friday Update

Really feels like I haven't done much stitching this week. After Jolteon's frog-fest I have to admit I was a bit sick of stitching.

Here is Jolteon looking all angry. Probably from being picked out all those times. I'd be mad too.
 And here is Aryll, with her other hand stitched in. She looks less creepy now!
I'm getting this really strong urge to start something big. Something that will take me 20+ years to complete that will be what you'd call, my life's work. I was looking through the Golden Kite store and found this one I'm pondering over.

- Stitch count (w x h): 450 x 708
- Total colors: 169
- Solid colors: 58
- Blended colors: 111

84 US Dollars seems a lot for the pattern, well, it's actually 94 because I'd want a hard copy of it. Or it's 390 dollars as a full kit. It's an amazing piece of artwork, though.  I'd also want to get a scroll frame just for that. It's huge, it would take me forever, and the subject is something I like. Especially that Silver Classic Tabby kitten.  I would probably have to learn how to park threads, too. I can imagine this thing being a lot of different colours all over the place. And all that blended!

What do you guys think, would you do something this big and detailed? Am I being crazy? Am I just trying to compensate for not having kids and thinking this will be something I might be remembered for but really it'll end up in some thrift store for 10 bucks after I die? HALF FINISHED?

Ah well. I shall indeed ponder it some more. :)


  1. Hi Pandy. Great progress on both pieces. I just looked at the chart your thinking of doing. It is gorgeous. I love it. Have never heard of this company. Have you thought about buying a small design from them to try it out. You might hate doing solid stitching, and wouldn't cost as much if you try a small one first. Just my thoughts.


  2. Jolteon does look very angry! But lucky for you he also looks like he has very tiny stick arms (instead of fuzz transitions) at the moment so he won't cause much more drama. Hopefully. XD

    I'm afraid to do giant pieces because I know I'll get distracted / frustrated / possibly even bored! I agree though, that is a stunning piece that you could ooooh and ahhh over even if you're 628 years old when you finish it, lol!

  3. The frogs have been visiting me a lot lately too. Somebody needs to invent an anti-frog spray!

    That design is gorgeous but I can't imagine doing something like that myself. I just don't have the patience and it already seems to take me forever to finish small ones.


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