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I know I've tried this goal thing before and failed miserably. So I'm going to try it again and hope for better results. Who needs logic!

I really want to get Aryll finished. She's really close to being done, I'd say a good 3-4 hour chunk of stitching and she will be done. I haven't started Glaceon yet, which I'm blaming my friend for. Ok so it's not all his fault.  The last couple weeks we've been having a hard time getting together for gaming+stitching. He's bogged down at work and being social, and I've been tired after my work.

Work is going great! I just find myself getting tired as the work days go on. By Sunday all I want to do is sleep, Monday I'm a zombie, and then it's my weekend where I recharge lol.

So for December the plan is getting Aryll finished and Glaceon done. Glaceon shouldn't take more than a week to do if I get 2 hours a night in like I did with Vaporeon. Leafeon has the most colours so I'm leaving it for la…

what is this work thing

that keeps cutting into my CRAFTY TIME?

This weekend I decided it would be my very own stitch and bitch at a local cafe. Ok so I was the only one there, and I wasn't bitching. But I was stitching and enjoying really yummy hot chocolate. the first day, because it was spur of the moment, I worked on Summer Splendor by LHN and realized how much I hated it. I was only there an hour between clients so I put a few stitches in while hoping I'd somehow slop hot chocolate all over it which would give me an excuse to can the thing, but alas, I'm just not drooly enough. the lid probably didn't help my cause either.

Today I had 2 hours between clients so I brought Jolteon to finish up. I again enjoyed a really yummy hot chocolate but this time I was hoping I wouldn't slop all over the place! I pretty much got him finished there, yay. I just put the last couple stitches in now.

I had a couple people wander over to me to see what I was doing. I got the whole, "oh, you must…

Late for IHSW~

This full time work thing is cutting into my stitching time! (and gaming!!!!)

I have barely touched Jolteon. By barely I mean not at all. I did work on Aryll a bit, so I can show the progress on that.

And that was it. :( I hope everyone else had a better IHSW than I did!

Really Early Friday Update

Really feels like I haven't done much stitching this week. After Jolteon's frog-fest I have to admit I was a bit sick of stitching.

Here is Jolteon looking all angry. Probably from being picked out all those times. I'd be mad too.
 And here is Aryll, with her other hand stitched in. She looks less creepy now!
I'm getting this really strong urge to start something big. Something that will take me 20+ years to complete that will be what you'd call, my life's work. I was looking through the Golden Kite store and found this one I'm pondering over.

- Stitch count (w x h): 450 x 708
- Total colors: 169
- Solid colors: 58
- Blended colors: 111

84 US Dollars seems a lot for the pattern, well, it's actually 94 because I'd want a hard copy of it. Or it's 390 dollars as a full kit. It's an amazing piece of artwork, though.  I'd also want to get a scroll frame just for that. It's huge, it would take me forever, and the subject is som…

Jolteon is trying to kill me.

Dat Jolteon. You look so easy. I started stitching with such confidence.

Now I'm a complete wreck and questioning my ability as a stitcher. *IF* I can even call myself that!

I've had to frog the damn thing at least 5 times already, with the first frog being the ENTIRE THING down to nothing again. 3 hours of work, picked out.

Why is this so hard? WHY.

Is it my eyesight? Is it the pattern being colours? Is it because I'm not marking as I'm going? Is it because the printer I printed it on isn't the best? Is it because I printed it too small? is it because Weezi wants to be on top of me every second I'm trying to stitch? Is it because I've got other things on my mind? Is it because I'm stitching this late at night (11pm-1am) and I'm tired?

I just don't get it. I've been cross stitching for almost 20 years now. Why is this little 3"x3" POKEMON giving me the fits?

Ah well. I will defeat this foe. JUST YOU WAIT.


I finished Vaporeon last night. I'm trying to think how long it took me in hours. I know just his head took me four hours, and then I've been stitching him almost exclusively with my friend playing vidya games after work this week, so maybe 10 hours total? Since we won't be having our usual brodates on Saturday anymore, a few nights a week we'll be gaming and stitching after work for about 2~ hours each time. Really helps keep me motivated on stitching these Pokemon. :)
Right now he's playing Bioshock 1, which I absolutely love. The story line in that game is really amazing. He'll probably play Bioshock 2 after. I can't wait for the next game coming out next year hopefully! It looks amazing.

Next up is Jolteon!

Putting this here

because it makes me happy. These are the 4 pokemon I did earlier this year.. framed!

I think he did a great job framing them, and I made sure when he bought the four frames, to buy four more haha. :D

Why is it November already?

Gosh where DID the year go?

I got the supplies needed to start on the next wave of Pokemon, except I'm a tool and had him order the wrong fabric. Not to worry, since it was only 14ct AIDA, I went to Michaels and bought some.

I started working on Vaporeon yesterday during our last "brodate" before I start working full time. That sort of makes me sad that our weekly time together where he games and I stitch has come to an end due to our work schedules.

This is after 4 hours of work.
 I'm always amazed at how it looks when I see it in a picture. When I'm stitching them, the colours look like they don't work at all. But then my face is up close and personal to the project.

Since getting my new job news, I haven't really been stitching much at all. I haven't started the new hours yet, I go in on Tuesday to fill in all the paperwork, and then I think I start them? While I should be enjoying my last bit of freedom, I'm also eager to start my new shift be…