Sunday, 7 August 2016

"I think I'm going to update without pictures"

That's what I said to my friend as I was musing about updating my blog. Then I realized I needed to take pictures, and that felt like too much work.

But I have been stitching! I stitch a couple days a week with one of my clients. We sit outside his house and I stitch while he enjoys the nice weather we've been having lately. I keep the outside stitching to smalls as they're easier to carry around and don't take a lot of thinking. At least the patterns I do! Anyway, I'm doing a pattern by Cherry Hill Stitchery which is The Blue Owl on a Branch. I did the Pink Owl on a Branch ages ago.

At home I am still working on Gardenia Fairy, and I finally finished all her skin, now on to the hair, a bit more on her dress, and then all the beading and backstitching! Finish line is close!


Anyway, that is all for now. I will hopefully get some pictures soon!

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