Saturday, 13 August 2016

Yeah, I did it.

Since I finished something, I went ahead and bought yet another pattern and the stuff to kit is because I'm totally a fast stitcher and I've earned new stash, because I finished something, right? That's how that works?

Even after I told myself I wouldn't spend any more money on Stash and work with what I have. At least I resisted the PtP sale this year! I almost did put in an order but when I went through the site, all the colours I chose were colours I had previously bought. So yay for me? Also I swear they get compromised every year with their credit card orders because the two years I put in an order, my card details were stolen. Other people mentioned that happening as well.

Oh, that last post with the floss toss was for some help I was getting with picking the fabric. I went with the second picture after having some help with the ladies on the 123stitch board. And when I say ladies I mean 2 people gave their opinion when I listed what fabric I had on hand, and one of them had a look at the floss toss and gave me her opinion. We decided on Crystal Heroic. It's a very nice choice and I'm waiting until she's not a blob of pink to start taking progress pictures.

I was lamenting the other day on Facebook that I can't for the life of me, juggle my two hobbies at the same time. I'm a stitcher, and I'm a gamer. What I need is 4 arms. So while I'm stitching, no gaming is getting done. Thankfully I can watch people stream their games, so it feels like I'm still gaming!

Anyway it's time to make some tea and get with the stitching for today. :) Hopefully some progress pictures soon!


  1. Oh, don't worry about juggling them! Just go by whim~ I decided to do that this year and it's worked out fairly well and left me less stressed over OMG I MUST DO THIS THING NOW BUT I REALLY WANT TO DO THAT THING NOW. If I game for months straight, so be it. Crafting eventually gets its turn. :D

    1. Thanks! I'm trying to think of it that way!


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