Saturday, 20 August 2016


So I caught a plague that's been going around. Now I'm off work for like 5 days :( I like time off, but not when I'm sick!!!! And because it's super contagious, the doctor doesn't want me near my elderly clients until I'm sure I'm better!

Gives me time to stitch between naps and ginger ale infusions, so I come to you with a WIP picture of my Blossom Collector!

 Look at all the sparkles! I love it.

Also, that pattern and stuff I bought the other day arrived. Only took 6 days from 123 Stitch, which is a world record since it has to get through Customs! It's called Christmas Flower by Whispered by the Wind and that's all the stuff to make it. PtP 28 Cashel Valor is the material.
Still waiting on the order from Stitching Bits and Bobs for Glendon Place's Plum Pudding, but I am not in a rush for that (nor is my credit card!)

I duno if it's just me, but this hobby is getting kind of expensive when you use the hand dyed everything. The two projects I bought this year have cost me 200 Canadian dollars.

Speaking of expensive. WHATS UP WITH PETS. I took Emma to the vet the other day for her yearly vaccinations and flea treatment for 4 cats and her for 3 months, AND she ended up getting blood work done so she can be cleared for teeth cleaning. She's considered elderly now (68 in human years!) and my vet is cautious about putting pets under at her age. all that? almost 600 dollars! I still need another four to five hundred for the teeth cleaning! It's a good thing I love her so much!

It's a tough life, you see. Air conditioned room, food a plenty. I don't know how she stands it!

Anyway I have to go for another nap. Then some more stitching!

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