Thursday, 15 September 2011


Here is the finished second Dragon that will he heading towards New Zealand in a couple days when I  decide to leave the house for something other than work.
You may notice he is missing something. Yeah. I ran out of thread. BUT I think he looks okay without it. :D I'm pretending it's somewhere infront of him, just out of our vision. Yep. I have to iron them both, get them in the envelope and then convince myself that putting on a bra and going to the post office isn't really like heading into Mordor. 

I was at a client's the other day and she had her cross stitch stash out. I was giddy with excitement, and basically threw myself on her floor so I could go through the box of stuff. I really tried not to roll around in it, but even if I had, she would have understood. She had a lot of prairie schooler patterns from the 90s which doesn't sound old until I do the math. She also pulled out all the little ornaments she stitched way back as well. I really wish I could have taken pictures of all of it, but I don't feel right taking pictures as I'm supposed to be at work, plus I feel it's a little intrusive. Then she pulled out the big guns. A box full of silk threads from I don't even know where, or what brand, OR ANYTHING BUT I STROKED THEM LIKE NO TOMORROW. /fanself. We had a lot of fun. I take some of my things over to her when I know I'll be visiting because she's just like me when it comes to fabrics, fibers, and patterns. :)

So I'm happy to be done my little side projects of Dragons, and it's back to Lizzie*Kate. I pulled it out yesterday and admired what I have done, and not worried about what I haven't. I started to stitch a bit on it, but then Weezi decided he had to be on my lap. I have Emma on my left and a 12" square Qsnap infront of me while craning my neck around it to try and see glimpses of Jonathan Rhys Meyers. I guess a 15 pound cat that likes to be cradled as if he were a baby isn't much more of a bother, is it? I ended up putting it back in it's drawer so I could cradle the cat and view JRM without hurting myself.

Well I believe that is all for now! I have a full day at work tonight, so I must get ready for that. Happy Stitching! :)

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  1. oooo well done on the finish.... glad you had fun fondleing the threads and cuddling a cat is great for lowering the stress levels especially before going to work love mouse xxxx


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