Sunday, 4 September 2011

Fulgent update

So here is my progress on Fulgent. As I posted before, I had to frog his entire tail, and redo it. I'm using Threadworx in Blue Swirl (11382) which is super pretty.Fabric is an Annabelle in 28 count Ice Blue. I still have his wings to go!
I tend to use a lot of blue lol. Next two dragons will be in purple and red so I'm trying to get away from using blue all the time! You should see my closet. I had to make a real effort to not buy blue clothes this year!

This Dragon is being offered to my Facebook friends, who pretty much just happen to be a lot of Warcraft guildies. I pick dragons for them because most guys tend to want something like this, rather than flowery kittens!

This week I want to get a good chunk of ABC of Parenting done. I really need to finish it and get it on over to Amanda's house. I've had it since April or May. Should be done by now. I'm such a slacker. That is it for now! :)


  1. ooooo he is lovely :) and love the colour tooo may just have to get that one for me :) love mouse xxxx

  2. Thank you! I let a friend pick out the colour. I always find it fun to send my male friends over to the website I order from to pick colours. He picked a gorgeous one for sure!


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