Tuesday, 13 September 2011


I wish I could be one of those super prolific stitchers. We all know one. The person who cranks them out like they work in a sweat shop. I think this is why I try to limit myself to medium to small projects. Even this Lizzie*Kate which is something like 12x12" is bordering on TOO large, yet it's not a hard or complicated pattern. It's just. Large. For me. 5 months have passed and I'm still just over halfway done.

And the worst part is I have these grand ideas of all the projects I want to be working on, but don't want to start til at least this one is done. Maybe I should take a page from one of the blogs I follow, and instead of a Wentzler Wednesday, I'll have Lizzie*Kate Tuesdays.

So I offered up Fulgent to my Facebook friends and decided on giving it to a friend in New Zealand. He recently had a son and said it would look great in the nursery. Well he also has an older son around 9 I think, and I can't send something for the baby and not send something for him. That is how my mom raised me. So thanks to her, I'm trying to finish another of the little signet dragons for him. I'm being stupid about that, too. I'm starting to think I won't have enough of the Threadworx colour for it. Patterns say about 5 yards. This fiber is 5 Yards, but it's looking like it's going to cut close. So what do I do? Do I work til the end of the road and see if I make it? Improvise if I need to?

Nope. Not me. I put off working on it, constantly worrying I won't have enough. Reality is I can't order more thread, so if worse comes to worse, I'll frog out the body/tail and redo in a dark colour I already have, so his wings remain purple, or if it's super close, I can find a colour in my stash that is as close to the purple as I can get and finish it off that way and hope nobody notices lol.

I guess I could try a goal approach to the Lizzie*Kate, and say... have it done by Oct 1st. That gives me 17 days to hustle. Let's try that, shall we? And then after that I can do whatever I want. Maybe finish my Sunflower fairy, or do the Wine A Bit pattern, or even start on FireWing's Paladin! Goal for today is to finish the little dragon and get them ready for shipping.

After a nap, ofcourse :)

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  1. ooooo why can't you get any more thread and if all else fails put a plain one with it .... don't stress over the stitching it is ment to be fun you know and yup I'm ONE of those that stitch loads and loads ... (apparently according to DD's I don't do anything else ;0) mini goals are great as you know then that you can move on to something you really want to stitch ..lol let me know how you get one :) love mouse xxxxx


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