Sunday, 18 September 2011


My weekends are usually super busy with work, and today I am working a split shift so I don't have much time to do anything since I usually nap between shifts hah!

I do however, have a couple of links I would like to share that have come into radar the past week or so.

Nazis, needlework, and my dad is a very interesting read, about how a POW in WW2 passed the time in very interesting ways. I was never much into learning about anything to do with the Wars, but then I started working for people who had been in them. Through personal stories of others, both from the German POV and the Allies, it's made me appreciate and want to learn all I can about the people.

Something I didn't know was that my Great Grandfather served, and was actually at a very famous Battle of Vimy Ridge. Not only did he survive that when so many perished, he saved a man who never forgot it. He was buried under mud after a mortar landed close by, and my Great Grandfather dug him out. My Grandma has the newspaper clipping the saved man wrote years later. Unfortunately my Great Grandfather died from illness when he was 28, only a few months after my Grandma was born. Great Granddad, I salute you. :)

Next story I just heard about but has been around forever probably, is Fine Cell Work. It's a program aimed at inmates to help rehabilitate them, PLUS you can buy some of their handywork. Amazing, really! I know cross stitching has helped me through some times in my life when I really needed something to focus on. There really is nothing more calming for me than a needle and thread and the ability to create something beautiful.

I don't have any progress pics to show at the moment as work has me busy, so I just wanted to share those links for now! Take care everyone. :) Oh and forgive any typos, I'm not wearing my glasses right now. :D

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