Friday, 23 September 2011

Feels a bit like Fall now

Lots of rain and clouds and wind. Really starting to feel like fall.

I tried my hand at a flat ornament today after quickly stitching up Frightful by It's DaffyCat. I just used what I had on hand, and I don't really have a fancy edger tool since I want to make a few things to practice on before I splurge on tools.

Anyway! Here S/he is!

It's being squished by my Egyptian Mythology books at the moment to make sure it stays flat while the glue dries. For a first attempt I think it's ok. I could have been a bit more precise with the measurements, but I couldn't be bothered finding a ruler lol.

Things I need for next time: RULER LOL! and a cutting mat so I don't go and mark up my Alex unit, and patience. :)


  1. oooo well done on your first attempt ... you defo need to buy a cutting mat .. speaks from "oops" experience ;) love mouse xxxx

  2. What a cute finish! You did a wonderful job. Congrats on your first flat finish! I just learned a trick to cutting(which has been around for awhile). Use cutting board, rotary cutter(the ones used for quilting) and a ruler. makes cutting the fabrics much easier. I found your blog through Daffycat. I am going to add it to my blog list. Have a great day!


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