Monday, 24 October 2011

I fell in love

For some reason, lately I've had this urge to stitch something a little morbid. Maybe it's the season getting to me. Then I saw this pattern at 123Stitch! Follow Me by Primitive Needle. I'm waffling right now about it. At first I was thinking I'd get the pattern and all the materials it calls for. I added that up and it would be over 30~ odd US dollars. For one pattern, one piece of fabric, and one silk skein.

I really don't know about you guys, but that seems rather excessive. I'm no stranger to paying an arm and a leg for supplies, but that seems a bit much. Now I'm thinking I'll just get the pattern and the silk, taking it down to about 17 US.

I know I can't ask you guys what I should do. Enablers. All of you! I'll think about it some more, but that pattern is calling to me!

My Blizzcon weekend came and went and I didn't get much done as I was having too much fun watching the Costume/Dance competitions, and keeping up with the WoW and Starcraft Tournaments. I did pull out Sunflower Fairy and as I was stitching, I kept getting more and more frustrated with the fabric. I've complained before about it being 32 count and hard to see, but this is just.. really discouraging. I'm using what it called for - Copper Penny 32 count Linen by Wichelt Imports. The Valdani threads like to twist a lot, too, and no amount of untwisting is making my stitches look any better. Everything just looks uneven and sloppy.

There. I said it. Maybe I'm being too hard on myself, but I shall soldier on. And never work on that sort of fabric again. 28 count Jobelan ALL THE WAY. This happened once before when I bought a small piece of jazlyn opal. It looked so cute and sparkly and bluish. Working on it was a nightmare. I ended up tossing what I WAS working on because of how frustrating it was!

I kitted up Wine a Bit by Lizzie*Kate and it's currently in my project bag ready to go. I'll be taking it with me tomorrow as I'm going with Mom to the doctors and I'll need something to do while I wait. I have a guildmate in the wine making business so I was thinking of sending it to him, or failing that, I know other people who do like their wine. :D

Still no update on my order :(. The money sure got taken out right away though. lol.

Oh and I'd like to welcome new followers! Thank you for the comments, I really appreciate them. I'll try to do the same but I can tell you now I'm a complete scatterbrain. I read all your posts, and then have this really cool reply ready to go and completely forget to actually REPLY!


  1. heheheh .. I'm not enabling just suggesting .. how about another type of thread to stitch it with ??? black crow gast or something like that ... am sure you could find an alternative fabbie to work with ??? have you chased your order up ?? and just had to giggle about your last bit about forgetting to reply heheheh ... love mouse xxxxx

  2. See here you are enabl-- err suggesting again! I am trying to look into different threads, but without seeing them in person it's sort of hit or miss. I like the idea of the dark thread looking sort of old-ish, if that make any sense. Alsoooo I've heard good things about the Belle Soie silks by CC and wanted to try that out since it's only one colour. I don't think I'd want to do a pattern that called for more of that, though. Wow at the price! :)


I like comments! :)

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