Saturday, 15 October 2011

I love my Saturdays

I also love this sort of weather. It's cold out but sunny, and the leaves are starting to change. Ahh fall. They're predicting a really cold winter this year on the Wet Coast. The coldest in 20 years but we shall see!

Despite loving the current weather, you know what I did all morning? Sat my butt in the La-Z-Boy and stitched on Paladin while watching crappy TV. :D I'm also on Ventrilo with some gaming buddies. It's like Skype but no video, and you push a key to talk. I guess I could set it up so I don't need to push a key to transmit, but I don't think they need to hear the occasional mouth breathing from me, or yelling at the pets when they decide to jump in the middle of my stitching. I also tend to swear at the TV when something dumb happens. :)

Anyway here is my progress on Paladin!

I also managed to get Emma to sit still for 2 seconds for a picture. I was about to show said picture but then I noticed all the open Nestle Liquid tea boxes in the background, and an empty glove box on the floor. So I guess I'll have to tidy up a bit and THEN try to get her to sit still again! :D I love year long projects like that, don't you?

I have 4 hours of work tonight, and then it's straight to bed with me. I have to be up at 5am-ish for 7-12 shift, and then again from 6-9pm. Long day ahead, but I have time in between for a nap!

Take care! :)

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