Wednesday, 5 October 2011

whoo whoo

I'm very close to finishing the Lizzie*Kate, and I'm getting excited about framing it and taking it over to my friend's house. I don't know if she reads my blog, but I'm sorta hoping she doesn't so that this is actually a surprise! (if you're reading this, act surprised!!!!) It's such a perfect project for her. I haven't seen her in ages, either. Mostly because she's busy with babies, and I'm well, a total recluse. Once I have it over to her I'll be able to post a proper picture. :)

I have my shopping cart filled over at Stitching Bits and Bobs with my order which should be put in around Friday. I've been modifying it all week, lol. I may have another pair of scissors in there, and another kelmscott needle minder..Yeah. can't help myself. There needs to be a support group for that. All I can find are enablers. :D

My search for a flower frog is proving fruitless. Of course I have a certain one in mind, which I can't seem to find around here. I can online, but I don't buy off eBay or etsy or well, anywhere else for that matter. my online shopping consists only of SBaB, 123 stitch!,, and Blizzard Entertainment lol. When I did my Fort Langley antique store crawl a few weeks ago, all I found were the lids, no bottoms. Not even one that stands on it's own. Actually that's not true, I did find a really pretty green one that could stand on it's own, but there was a huge crack in it and I wasn't willing to live with that. There was also a jasperware one, which is like wedgewood, but I have my sights set on one with a pink glass bowl, lace edge, and white frog on top.

I'm really the most annoying person like that. Once I get the idea in my head, nothing else will do. Like that stupid fish bowl. (which btw, I still love looking at. my fish are so cute!) and those little ceramic birds..

ahem. That's it for now! Going to get a bit more stitching in before I head off to work for the evening. :) Happy stitching!


  1. Your friend is going to love what you made for her. I can't wait to see what you did.

    I have the same problem when it comes to stitching stash buying. I wind up buying more than I originally planned. :)

    Good Luck with the flower frog find. Keep us posted when you do find one.

  2. oooo hope your friend likes your piece :) and I hope you find your scissor frog bowl ... unfortunately I think the one you want will be shown on my blog later this weekend .. I won it on a blog giveaway soooo not parting with it please don't be toooo jealous :) love mouse xxxxx


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