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I need to work on my picture taking skills.

Funny how finding time to stitch is easy when you're not constantly sleeping (or working!). Been chipping away at Sunflower while uhm.. watching some of the Cali vs Murray trial. I duno about manslaughter, but the guy's gross negligence certainly didn't help.  I don't think he set out to intentionally be malicious, and that MJ was probably close to death as it was. What the doctor did after the fact may have saved him, but in this case, what he didn't do lead to him not being able to be resuscitated at all. Sad case. I don't know if I could really be a juror. All the blah blah blah without being able to stitch or do anything would drive me bonkers.

So on to the bad pic of Sunflower!
I did manage to go through my Stash with help from my cats, of course. I narrowed it down to:
Mira's Letter S for which I have all the materials for,
Cat Lessons for People if I haven't done it this year (have all materials),
Prairie Schooler 2011 Santa (need fabric),
some …

Waking up is hard to do!

For some reason the sore throat and general malaise that I had in August came back and I'm just getting over it again now. Since it happened twice I went to the doctor but she didn't think there was anything to be concerned about. It's super annoying because all I've been doing is sleeping! I even took off the second half of my Sunday shift because I was feeling so crappy.

I learned fast that I'm bad at deadlines, so that deadline of having ABC done by October went out the window. Whoops. Maybe by November? :D I am working on another WIP that I haven't touched in awhile, and that's Mirabilia's Sunflower Fairy!
It looks like I missed a spot on the wing with the dark blue line, but it's there. I went and looked after I took the picture because I thought I skipped it lol. Loving the colours.

One of the Blogs I follow was talking about doing a challenge next year to use what she has, and it really got me thinking that I might do just that. I'm sure…

Feels a bit like Fall now

Lots of rain and clouds and wind. Really starting to feel like fall.

I tried my hand at a flat ornament today after quickly stitching up Frightful by It's DaffyCat. I just used what I had on hand, and I don't really have a fancy edger tool since I want to make a few things to practice on before I splurge on tools.

Anyway! Here S/he is!

It's being squished by my Egyptian Mythology books at the moment to make sure it stays flat while the glue dries. For a first attempt I think it's ok. I could have been a bit more precise with the measurements, but I couldn't be bothered finding a ruler lol.

Things I need for next time: RULER LOL! and a cutting mat so I don't go and mark up my Alex unit, and patience. :)


My weekends are usually super busy with work, and today I am working a split shift so I don't have much time to do anything since I usually nap between shifts hah!

I do however, have a couple of links I would like to share that have come into radar the past week or so.

Nazis, needlework, and my dad is a very interesting read, about how a POW in WW2 passed the time in very interesting ways. I was never much into learning about anything to do with the Wars, but then I started working for people who had been in them. Through personal stories of others, both from the German POV and the Allies, it's made me appreciate and want to learn all I can about the people.

Something I didn't know was that my Great Grandfather served, and was actually at a very famous Battle of Vimy Ridge. Not only did he survive that when so many perished, he saved a man who never forgot it. He was buried under mud after a mortar landed close by, and my Great Grandfather dug him out. My Grandma has the ne…


Here is the finished second Dragon that will he heading towards New Zealand in a couple days when I  decide to leave the house for something other than work.
You may notice he is missing something. Yeah. I ran out of thread. BUT I think he looks okay without it. :D I'm pretending it's somewhere infront of him, just out of our vision. Yep. I have to iron them both, get them in the envelope and then convince myself that putting on a bra and going to the post office isn't really like heading into Mordor. 

I was at a client's the other day and she had her cross stitch stash out. I was giddy with excitement, and basically threw myself on her floor so I could go through the box of stuff. I really tried not to roll around in it, but even if I had, she would have understood. She had a lot of prairie schooler patterns from the 90s which doesn't sound old until I do the math. She also pulled out all the little ornaments she stitched way back as well. I really wish I could …


I wish I could be one of those super prolific stitchers. We all know one. The person who cranks them out like they work in a sweat shop. I think this is why I try to limit myself to medium to small projects. Even this Lizzie*Kate which is something like 12x12" is bordering on TOO large, yet it's not a hard or complicated pattern. It's just. Large. For me. 5 months have passed and I'm still just over halfway done.

And the worst part is I have these grand ideas of all the projects I want to be working on, but don't want to start til at least this one is done. Maybe I should take a page from one of the blogs I follow, and instead of a Wentzler Wednesday, I'll have Lizzie*Kate Tuesdays.

So I offered up Fulgent to my Facebook friends and decided on giving it to a friend in New Zealand. He recently had a son and said it would look great in the nursery. Well he also has an older son around 9 I think, and I can't send something for the baby and not send something …

Fulgent Finished

Yay. Like with the last one, I skipped out on a part of it because it didn't look "right" to me. But now he is done and I can continue on with other projects!

Fulgent update

So here is my progress on Fulgent. As I posted before, I had to frog his entire tail, and redo it. I'm using Threadworx in Blue Swirl (11382) which is super pretty.Fabric is an Annabelle in 28 count Ice Blue. I still have his wings to go!
I tend to use a lot of blue lol. Next two dragons will be in purple and red so I'm trying to get away from using blue all the time! You should see my closet. I had to make a real effort to not buy blue clothes this year!

This Dragon is being offered to my Facebook friends, who pretty much just happen to be a lot of Warcraft guildies. I pick dragons for them because most guys tend to want something like this, rather than flowery kittens!

This week I want to get a good chunk of ABC of Parenting done. I really need to finish it and get it on over to Amanda's house. I've had it since April or May. Should be done by now. I'm such a slacker. That is it for now! :)