Didn't get much done on Santa today, as I ended up sleeping most the morning, and have clients early this evening til 9:30 tonight.

With Weezi always hanging out on my lap when I stitch, I'm starting to weave his hair into my work more often lol. What do they call it? Exotic fibers? :D

I finally found an ORT (old ragged thread) "jar" that fits my theme of orange cats. I saw this at HomeSense and had to have it. At first I didn't know what I was going to use it for. I just knew I wanted it. It's been sitting on a shelf all lonely til I decided I needed something for those little threads I keep throwing all over the place. So here it is, Ort and Weezi.

I like how they're both so happy looking.

Hopefully tomorrow I can get more done. Sundays are my super busy days so I don't get much of anything done except work. :) If not tomorrow, then Monday it is!


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